The south gate of Angkor Thom capital is one of the five gates is the most popular for travelers, and they always stop to take photos because of the beautiful faces of Buddha on the gate. You can also see the bridge cross the moat and it is decorated the demons and gods are holding the Naga ( mean the snake). The head of demons and gods are mostly copy and it was rebuilt by German project. When you arrive at this gate and I would like to recommend you to go down to moat on the left side is the best spot to take photos  and you can also see the beautiful gate reflection in the water. That is a fantastic gate that you can miss it. When you leave from hotel in Siem Reap city to explore this place you will spend your time about 30 minutes by Tuk Tuk.  While you will come cross Angkor Wat entrance to this gate and you will see Angkor Wat moat and temple towers too.